about us

"Vidhyashree Public School"

The Vidhyashree Public School is committed to raising the standard of students’ learning through fundamental programs and experiments of education, our goal is to use their hard work and intellectual abilities in the progress of the country. We are striving to create such an environment in the school, that provide best knowledge of book, practicality with sports, morality and ethics etc. to students. The mental activities, physical activities also plays great importance in personality development and future building. For this, we do various types of activities in the school. The good values, interest and behavioral skills should always remain in the students, and build their personality with full of all these virtues


Years of School Experience. The Vidhya Shree Public School is a team that, with passion and experience, gives every day the best for your future vision.
Yes! Vidhya Shree Public School is a co-ed school.
Vidhya Shree Public School offers a low student-faculty ratio across the continuum. Many classrooms have multiple teachers to ensure tailored, individual attention. Read more on the Vidhya Shree Public School About page.